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Work  :   Enterprise, Healthcare, + B2B

Enterprise, Healthcare, + B2B

User Research, Strategy, Design, Instructional Design (Writing), and Usability Testing

Key challenge: quickly assessing specialized software and integrating needs of multiple stakeholders while re-conceptualizing a more intuitive and easier to learn interface for highly complex functionality


Description of how gestural UI works in Baron Lynx (formerly Omni) software application suite


I've worked with a number of companies and organizations who produce highly complex desktop and web applications and service integrations. Due to their inherent complexity, these engagements have required extensive user research and SME interviews or stakeholder workshops in the discovery phase, along with conceptual exploration, before detailed interaction designs or design revisions could be provided. Brief summaries follow for each vertical.

Enterprise: Baron Weather meteorology software (user research, SME interviews, and conceptual design of Omni software, which include Windows desktop and gestural UI components for usage in front of a chroma key wall for live television).

Healthcare/Medtech: Alexian Brothers Health Network (patient surveys, secondary digital research, stakeholder co-creation workshop to help conceptualize the next patient web site), Blue Shield (heuristic review), Becton Dickinson (instructional writing and multidisciplinary strategic design), OnTime Rx (heuristic review), Mays Landing Chiropractic (service design concepting), Noona (user interface design).

B2B: Frontrange Goldmine (conceptual design, interaction design, and usability testing of Goldmine CRM Windows software—13 applications in one), Cardscan (user research, conceptual design, interaction design of contact and scanning software for Mac OS, requiring approval from an Apple UI evangelist), Zintro (user research, conceptual design, interaction design of web networking platform for experts—a startup).

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Downloadable Samples

Baron Weather

User research findings presentation and beginning concepts, categorized as part of the Strategy phase.

User interface analysis + design - healthcare

Samples from Noona cancer patient symptom tracking exercise.

User research + strategy - healthcare

Samples from the Alexian Brothers Health Network web site research and strategy project

Service design for healthcare

Samples from the service design project for a chiropractic practice.

Design thinking + instructional writing - medtech

Samples from the Becton Dickinson BD ProbeTech multidisciplinary design project.

B2B samples - user research, design, usability testing

Samples from Zintro, Cardscan, and Goldmine.

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