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Selected samples for Enervee

*CONFIDENTIAL/ NEED TO KNOW*: Please do not share work detailed here outside your immediate team.
View the User Research and Strategy Report (research with Biology Professors)


SimBio | Role: Lead UX Designer and Researcher

Key project elements: educational software, large platform with many user types
Tasks: scoping/ advisement to senior management on HCD approaches, strategy, heuristic and analytics review, qualitative and quantitative research, report writing, concepting, wireframing, UX writing

(This project is nearing completion and I am not able to show the full specification containing 55 screens and states; however, the samples links provide downloadable screens likely to be of most interest to Enervee.) SimBio produces software to teach virtual biology labs at the university level. The software uses sophisticated interactive simulations to support an inquiry-driven learning style. SimBio is the U.S./ Canada market leader for online biology learning, with well-respected content, and specializes in the subject areas of Ecology and Environmental Science. The UX challenge for this project was to integrate a disjointed and outdated suite of software components, both desktop and web-based, into one seamless online experience for instructors and students, while improving the usefulness, usability, desirability, and accessibility of the user experience. In-depth user research was conducted with instructors for this project, and Moqups was used as a wireframing tool, at the request of SimBio.




The Restart Project | Role: UX Researcher and Designer

Key project elements: community platform, global user base, Agile development, CO2 emissions calculator integration, mobile-first
Tasks: scoping/ advisement to senior management on HCD Approaches, strategy, heuristic and analytics review, qual and quant Research, recruitment (minimal), analysis, service design concepting, report writing, wireframing, UX writing

A lean, mobile-first community platform redesign project for a global environmental nonprofit organizing repair events and advocating for the right to repair. Redesigned for greater usefulness and usability, based on audit and research with various types of users. The community member platform integrates a Discourse forum module and a Wiki, but the site very much appeared to be three separate sites with significant navigation and usability challenges.


Bloomberg (mobile-first: user journey/ wireframing for trial experience)

Bankers Life (mobile-first: content-heavy wireframes for insurance site)

ChuckECheese (mobile-first: pitch work - birthday booking experience)

Toyota financial services (mobile-first: pitch work - registration)




iQuanti | Role: UX Analyst, Designer and Director
Key project elements: behavioral analytics focus, Fortune 500 clients, e-commerce
Tasks: scoping/ advisement on HCD approaches to senior management, strategy, heuristic and analytics review, quant analysis, report writing, wireframing, pitch work

Rapid prototyping for mobile-first pitches and short UX analysis projects for clients such as Citibank, American Express, Toyota, Bloomberg, Bankers Life,  and ChuckECheese. Mobile-first samples are provided to the left.

A somewhat unique approach in my work with iQuanti is the analysis technique of combining quantitative analytics with heuristic UX best practices and a competitive analysis to interpret why users may be behaving the way they do, and how to improve the designs to address these behaviors. I've also completed more straight-forward heuristic analyses and wireframing work for their clients. Click the client links for downloadable samples.

Two thought leaders working in the areas of energy efficiency and behavioral science who inspire me:

Saul Griffith (mentioned during my discussion with Toby on climate goals) 
Rewiring America,
Podcast with Ezra Klein

Robert Frank
Can peer pressure solve climate change?

Includes samples for Wireless Generation (now Amplify) educational software for Nokia handhelds, Planet OS open datahub that supports developers in creating their own initiatives using earth science datasets with their open API, and more.

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