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Work  :   iQuanti


User Journey Analytics, UX Design + Writing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Pitch Work

Key challenges: optimizing the path to conversion for consumers, often through streamlined flows, along with improved usability and
content display; also, competitively pitching capabilities + process

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One of the many agencies I’ve supported, iQuanti serves mostly the financial services and consumer e-commerce markets. They integrate a strong SEO offering with other services, such as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), of which analytics, User Experience Analysis and Design, and A/B testing are core components. CRO in particular has a strong focus on usability at the page level, as well as user journey analytics, both of which provide insight on where users struggle and abandon the experience—most often purchasing a product online or applying for an account/card. Additionally, I’ve brought a holistic lens to user journey work for Citibank, helping them think through how offline journeys and motivations can provide further insight to the online journey analysis. 

How I worked: for Pernod Ricard, the analytics team provided the data analysis in the initial pages of the assessment while I worked on the heuristic analysis. I then reviewed their analytics to provide feedback and identify gaps, while pulling key data points from  the click analytics to support findings in the heuristics and providing mentoring for more junior team members. Finally, I provided a list of prioritized fixes which included quick wins as well as more intensive design work for the implementation team to consider. We were also asked to provide sample designs for a high-level recommendations deck which was presented to the executive team.  I helped write and organize the deck, created wireframes, and directed the design, which my design partner, Natalie Gils executed.

Other projects included a more extensive A/B test execution and analysis, which I helped guide to ensure a sound test design.

Downloadable Samples

CRO Assessments

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User journey work

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Wireframes (design concepts) + comps

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