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Project detail and samples


This page displays wireframe work done for iQuanti at a larger scale visually.

Toyota (Pitch work for Toyota Financial Services)
Role: UX Director
I worked with the Creative Director and Dev leads in a live "test sprint" (5 hours for design and dev of an assigned portion of the site) and pitch day at the Toyota headquarters in Dallas. The main objectives were to explain key human-centered design methodologies, including how I would approach Discovery (my answer: offline-to-online service analysis with "star" sales reps, one of my favorite techniques I learned when designing the Williams-Sonoma wedding and gift registry) and how they fit into an Agile development process. We also presented our solution to senior management: a much leaner, quicker, and easier experience for signing up for the Toyota financial site online (from 8 steps to 3), and incorporated customer experience thinking from a service and marketing perspective, such incentivizing sign-up with a free gas card, and developing a personalized link, sent via e-mail, from a dealer which serves as a reminder to sign up online for financial services, as well as a mechanism to pre-fill much of the laborious user entry data. The Creative Director/ Designer and I decided on a lean process of working in Illustrator, with me designing the mobile-first wireframes one by by one and relaying each to her, to add visual branding. The front end developer also incorporated them into a partially functional prototype.

Registration page BEFORE redesign:


My wireframes:


Creative Director's visual treatment:

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