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Samples by process

Please see the RECENT WORK section for samples that are most recent and with the greatest range of tasks and detail. (E-mail me for a password.)


Below is a snapshot of my general human-centered design (or UX) process by phase, with various activities and deliverables types. Some of my projects—even large ones—have only involved Discovery + Analysis.


Most projects have had a different combination of collaborators and generative techniques. My involvement is weighted greatly toward the first three phases; however, phases can be blurred as well. Simple (and even static) prototypes can work quite well for testing. My instructional design work follows a similar process and can leverage Discovery findings for UX, while starting in earnest after the UI is frozen.

Click the phase name to see corresponding samples.

~goals review

~scoping/ planning    

~research (qual/ quant - users, SMEs, stakeholders, market) ~heuristic analysis

~task analysis

~content inventory

~personas, empathy mapping,
use cases      

~problem definition (objectives) ~assumptions mapping       ~user journey mapping ~systems mapping

~feature/ value mapping ~requirements


~high-level design, flow,    blueprint

~key messaging identification

~information architecture

~process guides

~prototype and test

~full details of design, flow,   blueprint  (every touchpoint, screen, action + state with detailed site map or flow map)

~full navitorial/ UX writing

~specification (documentation    for implementation)

~prototype, test, and refine

~higher fidelity grayscale wireframes and/ or working from defined visual asset library





Samples by vertical, category, or client

Social Systems

I've worked on: Human Resources research and strategy, social/ community platforms, virtual collaboration, museum portal, contact management + CRM, commerce, systems thinking projects.

This type of design work has the considerable challenge of integrating various subjective human emotional tendencies (often private, unarticulated, or not even conscious to users), unpredictability of user-generated data, "herd" behaviors, engagement triggers and "wicked problems." Samples here include nonprofit, social networking, consumer, and enterprise work.

View by Client:


UNICEF (User experience research, service and systems analysis of Mobility program and policy (HR); see Recent Work). Download the Executive Summary of my findings report here.

The Restart Project (User experience research, strategy and design for the community platform of an environmental nonprofit (see Recent Work).


NetSquared (UX, rapid prototyping, video production, visual design direction, service blueprinting) - large social networking platform, CSR reporting, social impact training video, process diagram or job aid); see Recent Work

Consumer responsive design work for Bloomberg, Toyota and more (agency: iQuanti); see Recent Work

Zintro (UX lead, design director, user researcher) - B2B social network platform


Red Rover (UX, rapid (40-hour) fix and prototype project) - closed social networking for universities

Museum of the City of New York (UX rapid concepting, wireframing, IA)

CardScan (UX lead, user researcher) - B2B contact management

Goldmine (UX co-lead, user research and testing, UX design) - CRM

Jobbatical (in-depth user research) - international career services startup

Williams-Sonoma e-commerce (UX lead, rapid prototyping) - wedding registry


I've worked on: healthcare, diagnostic, computer security, earth science, meteorology, biomimicry-inspired packaging + engagement projects.

My background in instructional design helps me distill complex content and functionality from unfamiliar domains into successful designs for lay audiences, but through SME interview methods and heuristic analysis, I also create more usable design systems for experts. 

View by Client:

Baron (in-depth user and stakeholder research, conceptual UX) - meteorology software; see Recent Work

Alexian Brothers Health Network (in-depth user, market and stakeholder research, workshopping)

Planet OS (UX, copywriting, research) - earth science dataset API provider for renewable energy applications and more; see Recent Work

AuthenTec (UX - software and industrial, instructional design) - biometric authentication

Mays Landing Chiropractic - service design; see Recent Work

Becton Dickinson (writing, instructional design, industrial UX, research) - biotech


I've worked on: strategic instruction for big data analysis tool at the Center for Civic Media at MIT, K-12 software, social impact training, medical technology documentation, computing demos, instructional design e-Learning course plan, music learning projects.

I have often drawn from my experience in UX design, instructional design, plain language design, and even filmmaking when approaching digital learning experience problems.

View by Client:

Center for Civic Media at MIT (UX research and analysis, instructional design for Media Cloud, an open source global news media analysis platform; see Recent Work)


Wireless Generation/ Amplify  (UX, research, visual design, mobile + desktop, specifications, conceptual wireframing, gamification) - K12 software solutions; see Recent Work)

Red Rover (UX, rapid prototyping)

NetSquared (UX, video production, visual design direction, service blueprinting) - large social networking platform, CSR reporting, social impact training video, job aid/ service blueprint; see Recent Work)

Becton Dickinson (writing, instructional design, industrial UX, research)

Preliminary Instructional Design Document (download) for course development (curriculum/ instructional design) - student project

AuthenTec (UX - software and industrial, instructional design) - biometric authentication


I've worked on: landing page copy, social platform demo, biomedical job aid, name & brand statements, brochure copy, electronics manual, Apple software help projects.

Many of the above samples show my navitorial copy integrated; this Writing section shows deeper content strategy, information design, and copywriting work, with downloadable document links. Not shown here, but available upon request, are research reports, design specifications, proposals, and creative fictional works; these have all helped me to keep my storytelling chops sharpened over the years. I have won awards for a short film and short story, and have finished a novel and a feature-length screenplay. Also see my Medium article on the close relationship between writing skill and process and UX.

View by Client:

Center for Civic Media at MIT (document download) 

or see Recent Work

Apple - Network Assistant help

Planet OS (see Recent Work)


Becton Dickinson


Glidden/ Dulux Paints

ShoreTel (document download)

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