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About Me

I help teams wrangle complexities, clarify visions, conceptualize new possibilities, facilitate discoveries, understand and tell stories, and solve problems—all at the interface between people and organizations. I'm drawn to complex challenges that aim for meaningful outcomes, and welcome all user experience, service design, and/or product lead inquiries, especially long-term or permanent roles.

I grew up in a rural area in eastern Pennsylvania, am a first generation college grad, and have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Boston, Ohio and Florida. I’m also an avid traveler, into the arts, ecology, health and wellness.

My focus

I’m the right kind of resource to consider if you’re looking to leverage strategic design skills to work though complex problems, or to direct, coach, or otherwise oversee teams in their design efforts. As an individual contributor, my role is often User Experience Lead, UX Strategist,
UX Architect, or UX Researcher, or some combination of these. When leading teams, I’ve worked as a UX/Design Director and also a Video/Film Director and Producer.  I’m open to other leadership roles.

Though I enjoy hands-on, tactical work, in addition to more strategic tasks, I’m not the right person to do the hands-on work of expressing a brand through every touchpoint.

My four pillars of strength are described below. Please contact me for a CV or conversation.


And thanks for visiting!


Strategic Approach


For the organization: clarifying direction, defining metrics, anticipating roadblocks, uncovering opportunities.

For the team: mentoring, coaching, and empowering.

Analytical Mindset

Natural ability to break apart complex problems or challenging subject matter, reinforced by instructional design techniques for task analysis and SME interviewing.

Boundary-Pushing Instincts

My inner fine artist is always looking for the unexpected, overlooked, or not yet discovered. Imagination, curiosity, and empathy are core to my toolkit.

Precision in Execution

I bring keen attention to detail, a mastery of design heuristics, rigor in research methodologies, clarity in writing, and overall consistency to my execution of deliverables.

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