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Work   :   Environmental


Strategy, Service Design, Design Thinking

Key challenge: apply design thinking to entrepreneurial ideas for regenerative businesses.


Poison dart frog in my kitchen in Costa Rica: inspiration for a biomimetic product design


Aside from doing digital UX design and research for a few environmental nonprofits (such as The Restart Project), my recent efforts for environmental causes have been outputs from student projects (Biomimicry, Permaculture, Transition Design) or advising startups and the climate action/civic participation nonprofit on whose board I serve, Footprint to Wings. I have a Permaculture Design Certificate and am largely self-educated on many larger climate and ecological issues.

The samples below demonstrate the value of design thinking and its associated outputs—journey maps, process diagrams, personas, and other types of visual and verbal storytelling modes—for regenerative business ideas.  (Note: some samples have parts that are intentionally blurred, as the ideas may still be in a confidential phase of ideation.)

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